Concrete Pile Cutting

Heavy highway construction nationwide had been severely unfunded in the US for the last 20 years. Government statistics gathered by the USDOT have shown that one out of every four bridge structures in the US are unsound or beyond repair and will need to be replaced.   In 2018 the new administration plans to invest billions of dollars in a highway funding bill. A large percentage of these dollars will be allocated specifically for replacing  the deficient  bridge structures. Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC., stands ready to support the highway and bridge construction contractors by providing a quick and safe method of removing the piling supports on the old bridge structures needing to be replaced.

Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC., with its hydraulic pile cutting process and pile cutting services is designed to provide:

Shortened demolition time
Increased productivity
Enhancement of your bottom line 


1. Providing all the necessary equipment and a qualified operator to complete any pile cutting project.

2. Hydraulical shear cutting of reinforced concrete pilings, tie beams, and pile caps of any dimension up to and including pilings of 54 inches diameter.

3. Completing each required cut in just minutes with a minimum amount of rubble.

4. Our bridge piling demolition cutting tool packages are able to cut, above, and below the water line to any depth and even below the mud line if required.

Coastal's concrete pile cutting technology will cut labor costs, reduce man hours, decrease the overall demolition time, and put more money in the contractor's pocket at the end of the day.

                              We are the Pile Cutting industry  leader.