Removing an existing dock or pier, prior to its replacement can adversly effect your projects profit margin. The longer the removal process takes, the more costly the removal process.
Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC., can cut your pilings at or below mud line in just minutes saving you days in the piling removal process. Piling cuts up to 54 inch diameter can be made in minutes. Square, round, octagon and steel jacketed pilings as well as pile caps and tie beams are cut with the same shearing process. We provide our services nation wide. We look forward to the opportunity to quote on your next piling removal project.

Removing dock pilings in a ship channel

Coastal pile Cutters International, LLC., made quick work of removing over 100 pilings in a three day period on this time sensitive project in Seattle, Wa. By using our pile cutting services, the contractor was able to advance the new piling installation process by two weeks. Working from dock side, the contractor was able to swing each cut piling to a waiting flatbed trailer where they were transported to the contractors laydown area. The 18 inch octagon piling contained six 1 inch # 8 rebar. All cuts were made a minimun of one foot below mud line.

Lowering the shear into position for each cut takes just minutes.

Lowering the shear to mud line and making the cut completes the task.

Positioning for the Cut

Saving Time & Money with Coastal Pile Cutters