Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC., are experienced experts in cutting platform structures.  Pipelines,  jacket legs, and conductor pipe are all cut with the same tool. Our shear cutting services can assist in removing steel piling of any size up to 24 inch diameter within 90 seconds. We use our patented Hydraulic pile cutting technology to ensure the safest and most efficient methods to save you time and money. Contact us to speak with our project manager today. Under water cutting is our specialty, satisfaction is our goal.


Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC., offers offshore cutting services for oil platform decommissioning, pipeline removal projects, and multi string conductor pipe cutting services.

The fastest, safest and most cost effective pile cutting equipment is  hydraulic pile cutting. Depending on the size of the project different pile cutting tool packages will be used and preferred. Coastal can provide the right tool packages to fit your project needs.