Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC., are experienced experts in the cutting of concrete piling. We are here at your service to provide you with the best shear cutting equipment and technology for your next concrete pile cutting project.  Bridge piling, underwater concrete pile cutting,  docks, and piers piling of any size and shape are easily cut in seconds . Contact us to speak with our project manager today.


How does the shearing process work? What is shearing?

Shear cutting is the process of hydraulically cutting a piling by capturing the piling within the the shears cutting area and severing the piling using the force of the shears hydraulic cylinders to advance the blade. Shear cutting does not use a sawing blade or a wire sawing method.  The use of shear force and a proprietary designed pile cutter blade severs the piling in a single stroke.



What projects are best for shear cutting?

The best projects for hydraulic shear cutting are the cutting of  concrete piling on bridge,  docks and piers on demolition projects.


What is the best shearing equipment?

The safest and fastest equipment for cutting concrete piling on bridges, docks, and pier demolition projects is hydraulic shearing.


What type of piling can be cut using the hydraulic shearing method? 
Hydraulic pile cutting technology enables Coastal to cut tie beams, pile caps, and piling above and below the water line on large or small bridge structure. Auger cast, drill shaft, and pre-stressed concrete pilings are all cut with ease. Any shape and diameter piling can be  sheared within minutes.



Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC., offers the best pile cutting and shear cutting equipment. We offer 24 inch and 48 inch sizes for your pile cutting project.