Coastal Pile Cutters International, llc. Equipment Package

                            Each  shearing package will include:
1. One hydraulic shearer specifically selected to accommodate your job requirements.
2. One self contained 150 HP diesel powered hydraulic power pack using an EPA approved biodegradable hydraulic oil.
3. One hose bundle with hose adequate in length to meet project requirements.
 4. One qualified mechanic/operator trained to operate, maintain, and advise on any field repair necessary.

Every shear package is completely serviced prior to each project to assure quality performance.

Click the video below to view an animated display of the shearing functions.

48 inch shearing tool 

H=3Ft x L=14 Ft x W=7Ft            weight= 30,000 Lbs

24 inch shearing tool

 24 inch shear with specifications

The 48 inch shear has three 12 inch  ID cylinders that can exert 1.5 million lbs of force on the shearing blade.

Self contained hydraulic powerpack

Skid mounted Hose reel with gangbox